Hedgehogs Class

We are a Reception class. Mrs Hardie and Mrs Jack are our class teachers and our teaching assistant is Mrs Foster.

'Why do zebras have stripes?'

Hamjambo! Why do zebras have stripes? Where do lions live? It’s time to discover amazing Africa and the wild animals that live there. We’ll learn where Africa is and what the landscapes, people and wildlife are like across this stunning continent. Who are the Maasai? What is camouflage? Where is the Serengeti? We’ll learn about what school is like for African children and compare it to our school. We’ll use our imaginations to explore African animals, record animal noises and write our own call and response songs. Using sticks, we’ll make African-themed marks in soggy soil, and create an African landscape using sand, rocks, gravel and driftwood. In mathematics, we’ll count and estimate animal numbers and in literacy, use labels and captions to identify animal traits. Then we’ll get creative, tapping out syllables on drums as we talk and trying our hand at African printing.

Help your child prepare for their project

Africa is awesome! Why not visit your local library together to find out more about this cool continent? You could also curl up on the sofa and watch The Lion King, Tarzan, Born Free or Madagascar. Alternatively, tear up coloured paper and work together to make a vibrant animal collage. Can you include a range of animal markings?

Week 5

Down on the Farm Week 4 and 5

Unfortunately, Mrs Jack was poorly last week so this week’s lambing video combines two weeks’ worth of activities. Watch the below video to see what has been happening on Farm Brian’s farm.

Mrs Jack visits a dairy farm

Last week we looked at where milk comes from, see below to find out what we have been up to. As part of this we looked at milk from Bassingthorpe Milk, and this week Mrs Jack went to visit the dairy farm. Watch the video below to see what she got up to.

Week 4 – My Baby

We have been learning about farm animals and their offspring. We have had a lot of fun playing memory matching games together while learning about foals, kids, chicks and ducklings. We learnt to tell the difference between chicks and ducklings by looking at their beaks.

In the maths area, we created a pictogram to show us which farm animal is the most popular in our class. Some children then chose to write the different animal names on the board with the totals.

We have had a great week learning about 3D shapes too. We have learnt about cuboids, cones, cylinders and spheres. We have worked really hard to pronounce sphere too – it is not easy!

Where does milk come from?

We have been looking and where milk comes from this week. There is a dairy farm next to Farmer Brian’s farm which sells milk from a vending machine. We all had it for snack and then taste tested one of the yogurts they sell, they were yummy! Next week Mrs Jack will be videoing this farm so and update of where it exactly comes from will follow!

We had a fun water play set up with milk (paint and water) in rubber gloves with little holes in so children can pretend to milk a cow, they loved this and we got through lots of refills of “milk” throughout the day.

Stuck in the mud

Everyone accessed this tuff spot today at some point during the day, it was a big success, especially the chocolate mud! The children all worked together sharing the tractors and animals, discussing how they are transporting the Weetabix bails around the farm and the animals needing hay and straw.

Can you make anything from milk?

We ended the week investigating what everyday products we use which have all come from milk. The previous day we looked a yogurts, and today we talked about cream and butter. We made butter in two different ways. The first way we use a jam jar filled half way with cream and kept shaking it until it turned to butter. Everyone had a turn and we managed to do it! The quicker way to make butter is to put cream in a mixer and mix until the butter separates from the buttermilk. The children were so excited to watch all the changes the cream went through, and felt a sense of achievement when the jar suddenly changed from whipped cream to buttermilk and butter.

We then used milk and food colouring to paint on slices of bread, this made wonderful patterns and really fun toast! Once our decorated bread was toasted, we spread our homemade butter on and then Mrs Foster’s homemade plum jam. What a wonderful way to end the week!

As well as investigating how butter is made, we had to investigate where bread comes from. We had the tuff spot filled with wheat and flour which children were able to investigate and play with, the loved the feel of the different textures and soon brought the farm machinery over to dig and scoop all of the wheat. We then ordered how bread is made from field to fork.

Week 3

Down on the Farm Week 3

This week we are watching Farmer Brain deliver hay, we visit the donkeys and get a sneaky look at 7 new chicks which have been born.

Science Week

We have been looking today at being more sustainable and buying foods locally and in season. We looked at what we can plant in our allotment and what plants need to grow; water, light and nutrients. We compared seeds and looked at how they are all different and then got planting! We planted potatoes, cucumber, sweet peas and observed our broad beans currently growing in the classroom. We will be watering them daily and watching them grow, which will be very exciting when we can finally eat them!

Week 2


Do you know where chips come from?

Hedgehogs class have been looking at where our food comes from, and part of this discussion we talked about where chips come from. Some children didn’t know, so we decided to make chips in class! The first day we ordered them in the tuff spot, which linked to our maths lessons this week. We even played the game spot the mistake and muddled up the potato number line on purpose so our friends could spot the mistake! We had the balance scales out too and tried to get the potatoes to balance. We then used our cutting skills to chops the potatoes into chips, and then we cooked them in an Acti-fry. We ate them for snack and they tasted yummy!

World Book Day

Unfortunately, we had to have a socially distant World Book Day, however it did not stop us enjoying our favourite books. During the day we all found out favourite book and had a snuggle and a read! We all took a photo of our books so we could at least be together in the photo, if we wasn’t able to be in person. We also looked at two books and did a rang of activities on them. These were Postman Bear and Hide and Seek Pig.

Down on the Farm Week 2

Please view the following video about what is happening on Farmer Brian’s farm this week.

We have also been looking at a guest farm this week. Immy’s family has an A D plant and arable farm. Watch the below video to see what happens on their farm.

Spring Term Week 1

This week we took our first visit to Great Wood Farm, we will be making weekly virtual visits to the farm as we are currently unable to physically visit a farm. In the first video we get a brief tour of the farm, and they get a little look at the first lambs which were born on the farm.

Hedgehogs Spring Week 6

The theme this week was the Lunar New Year. Children were asked to make traditional paper lanterns, learn about traditional dances and even have a go at making their own dragon head. In school, the children even practised their chopstick skills. There was some lovely writing about how the Lunar calendar was decided too. We learnt all about more and fewer this week. Children used cubes to look at height; playdough snakes ; huge dice were rolled to count on. They ended the week racing a minute-timer to see if they could do ‘more’ next time. Some were adding more bricks, writing more words, aiming for more star jumps in a minute. Fantastic work everyone! The children in school planted broad bean seeds. We will keep watching them grow and see how many cubes tall they will get.

Have a lovely half term, everyone.

Hedgehogs Spring Week 5

Maths learning has moved on from counting 6, 7 and 8. Children have been practising comparing, pairing and counting on. We have seen a really big improvement in writing since we started using the Red Ditty Books. There is clear handwriting and children are working hard to hold a sentence in their head. For topic lessons, the children planned a story based on Little Red Riding Hood, created puppet characters and then told their story to an audience using the puppets. Thank you to the parents at home for recording them and sending them in. The puppet shows were so fantastic – we have been amazed by the design and effort that went into the productions! Well done everyone.

Hedgehogs Spring Week 4

This week started with a snow day. It was very exciting! We often do PE on a Monday so the children were asked to go outside and build a snow tower. How tall is your tower? Can you jump over it? They were then asked to complete a circuit of star jumps and running to make sure they stayed warm when they built their towers and snowmen. There was fabulous phonics learning and our maths topic was all about the number 8 and matching activities. Children have been working hard to subitise and recognise number patterns. Wellbeing Wednesday focused on Worry and asked the children to share any worries with Woebo. At the end of the week, children were asked to make a fairytale kingdom piece out of clay provided by school. We were very impressed!

Merry Christmas from Hedgehogs!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone in Hedgehogs class!!